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Clean and natural, with a full range of frequencies...

"I first heard the dipole Orion 4 speakers ($14,750/pair with Analog Signal Processor), designed by Siegfried Linkwitz and manufactured by Wood Artistry of Healdsburg, California, at the 2011 AXPONA in Atlanta, where they were one of the best-sounding rooms at the Show. They were in too large a room in Chicago, but still managed to sound clean and natural, with a full range of frequencies, driven by Pass Labs amplification with DH Labs cabling. I refer you to my 2011 report for details on the speaker's design but new at Chicago was a refined version of the Analog Signal Processor, with closer-tolerance crossover components, and an amplifier/processor that obviates the need to drive the Orions with 6 or 8 amplifier channels and the resulting confusion of cables."
- John Atkinson, Stereophile  3/15/2013

The detail provided by the speakers was equally as impressive as all the little sound nuances could be heard...

"When I moved around to look at the finish of the speaker and the back side, there was absolutely no degradation in the soundfield - at all! The design allows you to really sit anywhere and enjoy the same level of detail. Stand up; it did not matter, the soundfield was the EXACT same - amazing. When I came into the room, there was a female vocal track playing that showed just how dynamic these speakers are - quiet as well as at volume. The detail provided by the speakers was equally as impressive as all the little sound nuances could be heard - and that was true no matter where you were in the room. Plus, the small footprint shocks you - if I went in blindfolded and had them revealed after listening, I would have sworn they were much larger."
- Joe Alexander, Home Theater Shack  3/15/2013

Note: The female vocal was Christie Winn -- Blue Coast Records. We played songs from her album frequently. Nice voice and good DSD sound quality.

Wood Artistry is the only one I'd buy...

"There was a lot to see and hear in the Orion room." "I've seen several iterations of this design, in several levels of fitment, and Wood Artistry is the only one I'd buy. The price includes an Analog Signal Processor crossover/EQ system so that "each woofer, mid-range, and pair of tweeters is driven independently"; it was driven here by three Pass Labs stereo amps (X250.5 for the lows, XA dot-5s for the mids and highs), a Pass Labs XP-20 preamp." "Sound in this room was explosive -- the Orion/Pass Labs combo is a killer."
- Scott Hull, TAS  3/14/2013

One of the finest demonstrations at the show...

"One might argue that there are more research-driven engineering innovations in the Linkwitz Lab Orion-4 than in most other high-end loudspeakers -- which is remarkable, considering that it sells for less than $15,000/pair -- but at the Axpona show I found it easy to forget all of that and simply enjoy the speaker's musical prowess. Driven by Bryston amplifiers and fed by an Auraliti L1000 digital music player and MSB D/A processor, the Linkwitz loudspeakers disappeared into their own wide, deep, and mildly recessed (as opposed to in-your-face) soundfield. In addition to being spatially convincing, the Orion-4s sounded open, clear, and appropriately colorful: one of the finest demonstrations at the show."
- Art Dudley, Stereophile  6/26/2011

Definitely one of my two best sounds at Axpona...

"Definitely one of my two best sounds at Axpona -- "The 'William Tell' section from Shostakovich's Symphony 15 had superb dynamic range, with a 'quiet' quality that seemed like there was a lower level of spurious behavior from the room. This allowed a wealth of detail to be perceived even when the music was itself quiet."
-John Atkinson, Editor of Stereophile Magazine (About the Orion-4 speaker system)

The system sounded spectacular...

DAGOGO Events: 2011 AXPONA Coverage IV:  "While there are many approaches to speaker design, the true determinant of success is implementation. When it comes to open baffle speakers, few do it better than the legendary Siegfried Linkwitz. His Orion-4 speakers use two tweeters in a dipole arrangement, a single dipole midrange, and twin woofers mounted vertically in the bass of the cabinet (all drivers from SEAS). The system is controlled by an active cross-over that also handles equalization. The price of $14,750 includes the speakers and cross-over. The system sounded spectacular, with fantastic drive integration, smooth yet powerful bass, and lovely highs."
- Laurence Borden

It was exactly the sound presentation I have been seeking...

"Hello all, I would just like to chime in about the show as I was in attendance. I was impressed by no room more than the Linkwitz room with the Orion 4. It was a revelation to me. It was exactly the sound presentation I have been seeking. I have been trying to find information about this speaker online ever sense the show but it seems reviews are limited. I think this speaker begs to be review by TAS. It seams its configuration and marvelous soundstage would beg for JV or RH to review it. I thought most of the other rooms were sub-par in their special presentation in comparison (even the ultra-high priced systems). The room it was in was rather bare and I have come to find that minimal room interaction is one of the speaker's advantages. The electronics used were reasonable as well, and the value the speakers delivered was amazing. It was truly 3D even more so then when I heard the Magico V3's at overture in Delaware when the room was customized by Magico. Just fantastic."
- Harvey

We really love this sound in my small room...

"We really love this sound in my small room. My wife brought up a track she wanted to hear (this has never happened before and we will be married 20 years this year)."
- J.M.

Orions were better...

"First, I wanted to let you know the Orions are sounding wonderful. My recording engineer friend stopped over and was astonished. He has Revel Salon 2 and Apogee speakers in a room with complex acoustic treatment, and with no treatments at all, he said he had to admit the Orions were better.'
- D.W., PhD.

It was no surprise to find them doing an absolutely wonderful job...

"It was no surprise to find them doing an absolutely wonderful job of capturing the correct sound of a piano, and bringing lovely depth to a recording of Mozart's Piano Sonata in D Major, K.576. They did an equally fine job in showcasing the beauty of a quartet performing music by Lera Auerbach."
- Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile AXPONA Jacksonville  3/12/12

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