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Pluto Subwoofer with Bubinga  Pluto 2.1 Speaker System

PLUTO-2.1 is a 2-way loudspeaker with active crossover and two channels of built-in amplification per speaker. The audio output from a computer, an iPod or a preamplifier can be plugged directly into its RCA inputs. PLUTO-2.1 can also be directly connected to the speaker terminals of a receiver using the binding post inputs.

Pluto was designed to be driven from a preamp output, iPod or laptop. It has its own built-in woofer and tweeter amplifiers. There are two binding post inputs on rear panel for users who have a receiver that has no preamp output and therefore must use the receiver's speaker output terminals. The amp in the receiver then sees a 100 ohm load and should perform at its lowest distortion since it has to deliver very little power. It has become in effect a preamp with very large output voltage swing which is attenuated 20 dB inside Pluto. The amps inside Pluto are integral to the speaker design and optimized in power for the drivers used. Active loudspeakers have a higher performance potential since they do not load the signal with passive components that decrease the efficiency of the speakers.

  • 2-way active speaker system with 5.25" woofer and 1.7" tweeter

  • Acoustic frequency response: 60 Hz to 15 kHz

  • 12 dB/octave roll-off below 60 Hz, Omni-directional radiation below 3 kHz

  • Equalized woofer and tweeter response, Crossover at 1000 Hz, LR4 (24 dB/oct.)

  • Tweeter level adjustable +/-2.5 dB

  • Woofer amplifier 150 W peak, Tweeter amplifier 50 W peak

  • Power consumption 12 W without sound

  • Speaker placement: >2 feet from adjacent large surfaces & objects

  • Optimum listening distance: 75% of speaker separation

  • Room size and acoustics: non-critical when listening at optimum distance

  • Closed baffle cabinet

  • Outside dimensions: Footprint 12" x 8", Height 42.5"

  • Shipping Weight 55 lbs.

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