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Parts & Accessories

Midrange Mounting Bracket Kit (with pucks, gaskets, and mounting hardware)


Black Anodized Midrange Pucks Pair (with gaskets and Long metric SS screw)


Midrange Rim Hole Plugs (Quantity 16)


Speakon Mounting Bracket Pair (with NL8MPR-BAG connectors)


Ball and Socket Mounting for grill assembly (Quantity 16)


Pluto - Black Anodized Heat Sink Plates (2)


Analog Signal Processor (ASP) - The ASP is an active crossover with additional circuitry to balance the outputs of the drivers and for cabinet design considerations. It includes both balanced and RCA input connectors. The outputs are all RCA and are color coded to easily indicate the Tweeter, Midrange, Upper Woofer, and Lower Woofer outputs. The ASP includes a flat or cut switch and two LED indicators to show which position is active. The cut position activates a 6db per octave roll off starting at 30 Hz. This allows the playing of recordings with subsonic noise on the recording, while limiting the woofers extraneous cone movement.



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