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Orion 4-Bubinga    Orion 4-Bubinga    Orion 4-Bubinga

These floor standing speakers are less than four feet tall, are thirteen inches wide, and sixteen inches deep. They include two ten inch woofers, an eight inch midrange and two tweeters per cabinet. The Orion speakers use an active Analog Signal Processor (ASP) crossover/equalizer and a multi-channel amplifier.

This configuration of drivers provides an open natural sound without the resonances found in box speakers. It also provides excellent sound dispersion without a small sweet spot but retains a deep soundstage image that can be easily heard even in a near field listening position.

With an active crossover, the amplifiers are connected directly to the drivers. The amplifier presents the maximum damping factor at all times, regardless of frequency, since the crossover function is located prior to the power amplification. The loudspeaker driver receives maximum control from the amplifier across the entire audio frequency range and not just across the network's pass band. The difference in damping is significantly improved and there is no added impedance (seen by the drivers) from passive crossover components.

The Orion-4 uses a "W" frame design for the woofer mounting to reduce cabinet vibration. The "W" frame has woofers mounted horizontally and in a dipole configuration so vibration is canceled. Each Orion-4 weighs 90 lbs. and uses five SEAS drive-units: two soft-dome tweeters, a magnesium-cone midrange unit, and two long-throw 10" woofers especially developed by SEAS for the open-baffle loading used by Linkwitz. The crossover frequencies are 90Hz and 1440Hz and the tweeters, the midrange unit, and each woofer are driven independently, though the woofers can be paralleled to allow tri-amping if only six amplifier channels are used.

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For a wealth of information about these speakers and the reproduction of sound through speakers, please follow the link to the Linkwitz lab website or enjoy the video at right. We also offer completed Pluto speaker systems.

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Orion Speakers

Don Naples and Siegfried Linkwitz

Renowned audio engineer, Siegfried Linkwitz (right) and Wood Artistry owner, Don Naples (left) introduce the new Custom Built Orion 4.0 Speaker System.

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