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Orion-4 Kits:

Pricing Information

maple kit assempled      maple plywood without drivers      drivers
The Orion-4 kits are complete with all the wood parts and hardware to complete the cabinet construction. They are designed for the assembler to easily be able to achieve a high quality of finished construction. Tools, glue, spacer positioning blocks, and clamps are provided to ensure ease of the construction. Two critical glue joints are already completed, so the veneer of the woofer cabinets wraps around the corner edge providing an exact grain match. Finishing suggestions are also provided in the step by step manual. The completed and tested ASP is available from Wood Artistry, LLC. and can be ordered with the kit as well as speaker cables.

Analog Signal Processor (ASP):

  • Complete and tested ASP

Pricing Information

ASP front view    ASP connectors
The ASP includes a flat or cut switch and two LED indicators to show which position is active. The cut position activates a 6db per octave roll off starting at 30 Hz. This allows the playing of recordings with subsonic noise on the recording, while limiting the woofers extraneous cone movement. This circuit can also be activated for reducing the cone movement due to turntable rumble.


Cable Options:

Custom 8-conductor cables with Speakon connector for easy attachment to the Orion-4 speakers are available in 10' and 16' lengths and with customer defined termination at the amplifier end. TechFlex covers are an option. Click the pricing button below for more information.

Pricing Information


"Just built the Orion-4 kit from Wood Artistry. Wow, what a speaker!! Thanks to Siegfried, Madisound, and Don Naples for putting this kit together and for the design and all the hard work! Great detail, smooth frequency response, transparency, soundstaging, dynamics, and great highs, mids, and lows. What else can be said? As close to the perfect speaker as I've ever heard. I like them better than the more popular planars such as Maggies, Sound Lab electrostatics, and I like them better than my ceramic cone dynamic speakers which I thought might be unbeatable. None of these have the dynamics, and no cone speaker, ceramic, million dollar model, or otherwise, can match the soundstage. Detail is every bit as good on the Orion to my ears compared to the others. The best thing I can say is that it's easier to imagine a live performance in front of me with these speakers than with anything else I've heard. THANKS TO YOU ALL!!
- Adventurenut

"The most important thing I can say is that this is the best loudspeaker I have ever heard in my life for reproducing natural acoustical music, regardless of price. It's not bad for electronic music either. Pretty universally excellent on rock, jazz, trance, etc., but especially good for classical music. The most natural, non-electronic sounding human voice reproducer I've yet heard. It is dynamic, crystal clear, coherent, has thunderous and tight lows, and most especially captures in a most captivating fashion the space of a live performance in a way I've never heard from a non-planar speaker, although with much more dynamism and a greater sense of ease than a planar can do. I speak being quite familiar with a variety of ribbon/planar magnetic, electrostatic, and other cone (including ceramic) speaker designs. I freaking love this speaker!"
- LR A

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