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Don, Janet (his wife) and Anne-Sophie Mutter Don Naples, owner of Wood Artistry, has been an audiophile for more than 50 years. He began building speaker enclosures in 1968. His first project was building several pair of Altec Lansing A7-500 Voice of the Theater speakers for use in his home and for a band (which he recorded until they were contracted by Capitol Records) to use on the road. He also built Studio Monitors using the S-8 system speakers from JBL.

Don has years of experience working with both wood and metal. He frequently provides seminars to teach other woodworkers skills which he has acquired over many years. He holds patents for a machine and a tool used in woodworking. Wood Artistry maintains three shops, two for woodworking and one for metal machining.

In 2004 Don met Siegfried Linkwitz and heard the first version of the Orion speakers. He immediately sold his (more expensive) speaker system and built three pair of Orion speakers. He has been building these speakers continuously since then, in addition to the Linkwitz Pluto-2 speakers, and Linkwitz Thor subwoofers.

"The Orion-4 speakers deliver a level of performance that is a new experience for me. The level of music detail it delivers involves the listener in a way I have never before heard. With good quality recordings played through the Orion-4 system, I can feel as though the performance is live in my listening room. I am fortunate to have the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University with fantastic acoustics, so near to my home. A focal point for music in the region, the inaugural season in Weill Hall features an array of internationally acclaimed performers including vocalists Stephanie Blythe, Elina Garanca, Joyce DiDonato and Barbara Cook; celebrated classical soloists Yo-Yo Ma, Vadim Repin, Wynton Marsalis and Anne-Sophie Mutter; acclaimed early music ensembles Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra and Chorale, Tallis Scholars and Il Complesso Barocco; and Latin jazz greats Chucho Valdés and Buika. The Santa Rosa Symphony, Resident Orchestra, offers a full season of programming at the Green Music Center and the San Francisco Symphony will perform four concerts."My wife and I have enjoyed concerts there, and also attend concerts and opera in San Francisco and Berkeley. Those live music experiences remain the reference to use in judging any audio system."

- Don Naples

Feel free to contact our sales department at (707) 395-4729 for more information on our product line, or click here to send us a note.

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Healdsburg, CA 95448
Tel: (707) 395-4729

Wood Artistry, L.L.C.also provides the latest in sharpening technology. With our patented product line you can easily achieve incredibly sharp and flat tool edges with a near mirror-smooth finish, in minutes. If you were looking for the sharpening products, click here.


About the Orion & Pluto Designer, Siegfried Linkwitz

Siegfried Linkwitz Renowned audio engineer Siegfried Linkwitz has revolutionized sound design with the ORION Speakers: a loudspeaker system for accurate sound reproduction in normal living spaces. They obtain the highest acoustic performance possible, using the best suited components available today.

The latest understanding about sound perception in rooms led to the open-baffle ORION loudspeaker design. The ORION is a speaker with seamless integration of its drivers over the whole frequency range, a speaker that sets up a wide, deep and tall sound stage, yet with realistic localization of instruments and voices, with clarity and warmth, with speed and impact. The ORION is an open baffle speaker or dipole radiator that radiates sound to front and back, but not to sides and top. The speakers disappear and what remains is a panorama of sound.

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